The ecoloco app will transform the UK freight logistics market into a digitally enabled, modern sector and support the decarbonisation of freight. In 2019 the UK government agreed to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Road transport is responsible for 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gas. Action to decarbonise road transportation of people and freight is critical to meeting 2050 targets. Moving road freight onto the UK rail network will enable decarbonisation targets and reduce road congestion.

Loads Off Roads

One freight train can move up to 60 containers, the equivalent of 60 HGVs. Existing rail capacity combined with new rail services from our sea ports, will dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions and road congestion, whilst improving air quality and national productivity.

ecoloco Digital Platform

Transporting containers involves a number of organisations including freight forwarders, deep sea and inland port operators, road hauliers and rail freight operators. UK logistics lack integration to enable long journeys by rail and short journeys by road. Customers are faced with cost constraints combined with the unnecessary carbon footprint of road freight. ecoloco is a revolutionary, digital solution from HIVELOGIC Limited which integrates multimodal transportation. It transforms traditional logistics into a cost effective, eco-friendly solution offering huge efficiencies to purchasing departments. Trains for long journeys, lorries for final mile deliveries. Smart, container-based rail freight through inland ports with seamless onward road trips to consumers.

Decarbonising Freight

HIVELOGIC Limited received funding from the Department for Transport to prototype and demonstrate ecoloco. The digital platform is currently undergoing field trails at iPort Rail in conjunction with a freight forwarder and a road haulier. With further investment, ecoloco in partnership with iPort Rail, will deliver incredible efficiencies whilst decarbonising container freight in the UK.

The commercialisation of ecoloco will deliver a digital solution for UK freight operators, enabling a seamless integration between road and rail freight and reducing emissions and congestion.

New technologies such as ecoloco will drive a greener, cost-effective and efficient future on our journey towards 2050.

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This project is funded by the Department for Transport through the First of a Kind Round 2 competition, delivered by InnovateUK.