HIVELOGIC protects the SME market with cost effective cyber solutions. Innovation and agility are key strengths of SMEs. They underpin the UK market and provide a valuable alternative to off-shoring deployed by most of the System Integrators. During a late evening conversation with a home-working solicitor about personal data and GDPR, it became clear that protection for his work-based ICT was extremely basic and risky. Worse still, his resident teenage son was downloading movies via Torrent – a very high risk scenario. They were both unaware of the risks of bringing malware into his house through a compromised internet-connected TV or via Alexa. HIVELOGIC launched CYBERSHIELD at legal EX to provide affordable Cyber security for SMEs and homeworkers as an effective solution. Cost-effective security. Easily installed. Simple peace-of-mind for the SME community. And all for the equivalent price of your daily cup of coffee.