Our CYBERLOGIC experts take an agile and hands-on approach to quickly identify threats and protect our clients. We aim to secure your business through robust cyber audits, monitoring all digital communications, building cyber awareness and facilitating cyber certification.

CYBERAUDIT will ensure you’re on the right track by examining your cyber security infrastructure to enable your company’s best-practice policy while providing assurance to your stakeholders, colleagues and clients.

CYBERAUDIT is an extremely valuable forerunner to compliance with the EU’s GDPR regulations. It will also help you to achieve Cyber Essentials certification through our CYBERCERT programme.

We believe that 100% of your energy should be spent on doing what you do best. That’s why we provide military-grade, competitively priced cyber security, wrapped up in a managed solution that protects you as you grow in your digital world.

CYBERMONITOR protects you from all known cyber threats. You can rest assured that our experts analyse all activity and report to you with actionable intelligence to help keep you safe from hackers.

Hackers get hacked off. It’s just too difficult for them and they target less secure companies. No upfront costs and less than £3.20 per day.

CYBERSKILLS seeks to train you and your colleagues identify all known risks to your company’s cyber infrastructure. Malicious unauthorised access to your IT systems, networks and devices are an everyday occurrence.

We will help you identify and develop cyber skills and capabilities.

CYBERCERT is our automated platform that helps business get and stay secure with recognised certification standards. Our cyber app is easily deployed and allows you to get insights into the current security status. If you have any cyber issues we help you fix them through our intuitive platform.

CYBERCERT is the fastest and easiest way to achieve Cyber Essentials certification. We guarantee certification and award yours within 24 hours.