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Protection from cyber crime • Military grade software • Continuous monitoring

Reports all malicious activity • Expert advice and support

Monthly management check-ins • Augments existing IT teams • Low cost

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Unfortunately high profile attacks create a false sense of security within SMEs, often resulting in misplaced confidence:

‘It’ll never happen to me’   •   ‘We’re too small to be hacked’   •   ‘The hackers have bigger fish to fry’

The real news is the exponential increase in volume and intensity of cyber attacks now targeting companies of all sizes in all markets. Cyber criminals are enabled by new technologies and automation. They’re now hitting small companies with devastating consequences.

60% of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack • 49% of SMEs in the UK have been breached

42% of SMEs hit in the last year   •   £26k average cost to an SME of a breach

As SMEs embrace digital transformation, the number of systems and apps connected to the internet, means that those companies become a much bigger target. At the same time cyber criminals are mastering technical skills to scale their attacks like never before. They’re no longer designing their attacks – now they’re scaling them. SMEs are the new targets. Attacks are imminent and growing every day. They go for the weakest first.

CYBERMONITOR provides immediate insight into threat detection through its military grade software. Our monitored and managed solution quickly provides actionable intelligence to defeat all known cyber threats.

To defend your company against cyber attack in the new digital world, we help build your threat intelligence and provide a holistic view of your cyber risks, including cloud, on-premises and hybrid systems. We help you detect and deny all known threats.

With CYBERMONITOR, SMEs have access to premium cyber security for less than £3.20 per day. So you don’t have to be a big company to have big protection at a small price.

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