BIZLOGIC initiate a programme of automation with iPort Rail in anticipation of significant volume increases for 2019

Apr 18, 2019

Our BIZLOGIC experts take an agile and hands-on approach to quickly identify and unlock value within our clients. We aim to transform your business by building strong foundations upon which our clients continually evolve into the future, building capabilities to deliver future projects in the most efficient manner.

In consort with iportrail, BIZLOGIC enables effective integration of rail & road operations while delivering a seamless, low-cost, right-time delivery solution to customers.

BIZLOGIC provides business transformation, automation and integration in support of the UK’s fast-growing logistics sector. Our solutions allow iportrail to assist companies like Amazon in addition to the sector’s global adoption of digital on-line services. With our low-code development platform, applications are built faster than ever and 70% more cost-efficient than traditional development methods.