In consort with iPort Rail, BIZLOGIC enables effective integration of rail & road operations while delivering a seamless, low-cost, right-time delivery solution to customers.

BIZLOGIC provides business transformation, automation and integration in support of the UK’s fast-growing logistics sector. Our solutions allow iPort Rail to assist companies like Amazon in addition to the sector’s global adoption of digital on-line services. With our low-code development platform, applications are built faster than ever and 70% more cost-efficient than traditional development methods.

Automating the UK’s largest intermodal rail freight terminal, BIZLOGIC deliver optimum applications to achieve rapid business growth and best time-to-value. We’re building apps and solutions ‘hand-in-hand’ with customers to ensure guaranteed outcomes and client satisfaction.

What does this really mean for customers such as iPort Rail as they deliver strategic rail freight solutions throughout the UK and global network?

“BIZLOGIC delivers business automation tools for iPort Rail to achieve its 2019 growth targets with minimal resources. iPort Rail will grow from 12,000 containers per year too managing over 80,000 containers in 2019. Our automation tools will pay for themselves in the first quarter of operations.”

Andy Wishart

Head of Operations, iportrail


CO2 emissions are 70% less per tonne carried by rail than by road

Average gallon of fuel will move 1 tonne of goods 246 miles by rail and only 88 miles by road

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