Through a programme of business transformation and automation, BizLOGIC helps businesses integrate with their business environments. 

Living in a digitally connected world means many businesses can benefit from efficiencies and cost reduction through seamless integration of business processors across the various functional areas. Real benefits are achieved through extending Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capability across your business in areas such as operations, manufacture and sales to name a few.

In association with Fluid IT, our key partner, we deliver very significant added value through aligning disparate IT systems.

One such case study is that of NG Bailley’s implementation of IFS (ERP System) – the largest of its kind for a Facility Services company in the UK.

NG Bailey is the UK’s leading independent engineering, construction and services business. Founded in 1921, the company employs more than 2800 people working to design, build, operate and maintain buildings, infrastructure, and IT services.

The company’s vision to be the best is reflected in continuing growth across all divisions, investment in the development of new sectors, and an improvement in Group sales to £500m in 2016/17. To sustain business growth NG Bailey required a group-wide system to replace multiple systems across the company’s divisions.

The solution is based around a programme managing and assuring the delivery of a Business Transformation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. We introduced new technologies, built team capability and adopted new delivery techniques to build a sustainable and more efficient product change delivery and support service. We are working to re define overall IT strategy, operating model and department structure to ensure full leverage of IT investment.

FluidIT’s ongoing partnership with NG Bailey has brought a more business change-led approach to delivery. We’ve improved the support and service provided to the existing business implementations, improved the relationship with end users, suppliers, and reduced reliance on third parties by increasing the knowledge and capability of the permanent team.

In addition, HiveLOGIC through its BizLOGIC division support a range of digital manufacturing technologies, such as additive manufacturing and new processors such as the production of Graphene.

Working with Performance Engineering Solutions, an innovative engineering specialist, we’ve helped to step-change in manufacturing – the 4th industrial revolution. Incredible manufacturing and productivity benefits re being achieved across the manufacturing sector though integration of digital processors and technology through 3-d scanning to the adoption of the Internet of Things, digital twins and cloud computing.

BizLOGIC is driving the integration of these innovative technologies. It requires the integration of new business partners into the supply chain and evolving business processors accordingly. BizLOGICprovides clients with a deeper understanding of how to embrace and benefit from these cyber-physical systems in a secure environment.

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