Metropolitan Police Service

Policing Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security and Threat identification Strategy

The Metropolitan Police is not just another police force. It employs over 40,000 staff, over 30,000 police officers and over 100,000 connected devices. It has responsibility for looking after 32 London Boroughs, 164 Foreign Embassies, for protecting The Royal Family, Her Majesty’s Government, Heathrow Airport (the world’s busiest airport) and for co-ordinating counter terrorism UK wide.

This makes it a target for an unprecedented level of malicious cyber crime.

HiveLOGIC worked with the Metropolitan Police on a number of projects including organising the installation and evaluation of artificial intelligence cyber monitoring tools to assess the capability to spot behavioural anomalies within its networks.

The details and results of these engagements, are classified.

London doesn’t stand still, and neither do we; the challenges and opportunities facing us are always changing. The capital is expected to grow to a population in excess of 10 million within a decade. Advances in technology are changing social behaviour.

The Metropolitan Police face increasing demand and crime is rising. This, coupled with the current level of funding requires intelligent prioritisation of resources whilst maintaining a keen focus on improving efficiency and productivity.

In 2019 the amount of digital crime reported to UK Police exceeded physical crime, an indication that criminal activity is increasingly moving to cyber crime.

HiveLOGIC are proud to have played a part in the evaluation of artificial intelligence and cyber security.

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