Winning in a digital world requires digital transformation and building a resilient business.

Security as a service 


Manufacturing – Factory 2050


HiveLOGIC is working with with EEF to help improve cyber awareness amongst their members. Gone are the days of bashing and turning metal; the focus now is on AI, AR and 3-D printing. So I guess it came as no surprise that a recent event at the Factory 2050 was well attended by SMEs sharing the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, automation and additive layer manufacturing. What was a big surprise, is these technology companies also have very little cyber awareness. This is a real cause for concern and serves to highlight that EEF’s role has just got tougher!



At a recent event for the worlds leading Cyber experts, it was noted that of the 6million SMEs in the UK, only 10,000 of them have signed up for Cyber Essentials. Proof that cyber awareness in the UK seriously lags behind other EU countries. Without doubt, a perilous situation for UK economy. More worryingly, this is completely at odds with the core market trend in which 59% of manufacturers have been asked by customers to guarantee their cyber security. Customers will choose cyber compliant suppliers.



HIVELOGIC protects the SME market with cost effective cyber solutions. Innovation and agility are key strengths of SMEs. They underpin the UK market and provide a valuable alternative to off-shoring deployed by most of the System Integrators. During a late evening conversation with a home-working solicitor about personal data and GDPR, it became clear that protection for his work-based ICT was extremely basic and risky. Worse still, his resident teenage son was downloading movies via Torrent – a very high risk scenario. They were both unaware of the risks of bringing malware into his house through a compromised internet-connected TV or via Alexa. HIVELOGIC launched CYBERSHIELD at legal EX to provide affordable Cyber security for SMEs and homeworkers as an effective solution. Cost-effective security. Easily installed. Simple peace-of-mind for the SME community. And all for the equivalent price of your daily cup of coffee.


At HIVELOGIC our aim is to help you make the best decisions through a deep understanding of the risks in both physical and digital environments – the cyber security threat!

HIVELOGIC will embed ‘digital transformation’ at the heart of your business strategy without ‘denial of services’ created by an inappropriate approach to risk and an ICT-led information security policy.

A forward-thinking business proposition that helps reduce costs by creating an effective single offering across your entire ICT, security, FM and engineering infrastructure.